We are avid mountain bikers who really don’t want to ride on wet trails. We noticed that it was unusually difficult to answer the simple question “Did it rain?” when it came time to plan a quick trip with the bikes. So, we created our own solution! Originally, our intent was to simply answer that question in the context of mountain biking but as we worked we figured that this might be a useful tool for anyone that would like a clear, unambiguous answer to the question “Did it rain?”

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-The Dev Team-

Joe has been developing software for about five years, and riding (crashing) mountain bikes for about eight. He’s also a bit of a weather nerd and was delighted to find a way to combine weather, bikes, and programming into one project. His blog is joewritessoftware.com, where he writes about software development occasionally.

Luke has been developing for about two years and gets way bigger air on bikes than Joe. He also hates cleaning mud off anything and would prefer to never ride a wet trail again after a race in central Minnesota a few years ago.

-The Contact Info-

Want to get a hold of us? Report a bug? Request a feature?
Just shoot an email to joe@joewritessoftware.com!
We’re happy to hear from you!